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About Ancona, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Ancona, Marche, Italy)

Situated on two hills overlooking the harbour, the city of Ancona has a rich history dating from Roman times and offers an excellent launching point for exploring the sights and beaches of the Marche.

What to Do in Ancona

A walking tour of the Old City opens up grand vistas and spectacular views of the city. The walk begins near the port at the bottom of Corso Stamira and ascends past the Teatro and an art gallery. This walk also features the Calamo Fountain, dating to the 16th century, and the archaeological museum. The trek culminates in the ruins of the ancient Roman amphitheatre before terminating at the cathedral on the summit of the hill, which offers excellent views of the city.

Plenty of shopping is available in both the old and new towns. Restaurants featuring local cuisine serve grilled meats, and vendors on the street sell sparkling wine and seafood.

Tourist Attractions

Colle Guasco is the main hill on which the Old City was built. San Ciriaco, a medieval cathedral, sits on the crest of this hill, overlooking the city. Samples of Byzantine art can be found inside the cathedral and interestingly, a pagan temple can be found in the crypt of the old cathedral.

Other sights include an art gallery and the Teatro delle Muse, which was built in the 19th century and has been recently restored.

Ancona Port

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