Port of Ancona

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Ancona, Marche, Italy)

There are four companies operating from the port of Ancona: Superfast Ferries, Anek Line, Minoan Lines and SNAV. The first three companies listed run services to Igouemnitsa and Patras in Greece.

SNAV operates seasonal services to Split in Croatia.

Superfast Ferries

Superfast Ferries operates services between Italy and Greece. Their vessels are German-made and relatively new, with all of their ships having only began sailing between 2001 and 2002.

Ferries depart daily for the port of Igoumenitsa, with frequency of departures doubling from early June to early August. The trip takes 15 hours. An onward journey is made to the port of Patras with the same frequency. The total travel time to Patras is 21 hours.

Ships include the Superfast VI, which is the primary vessel on the route to Greece. This ship can accommodate 1,595 passengers and 1,000 vehicles. Facilities include a disco lounge, casino and children's play room as well as shops and boutiques. Snacks are available at the a la carte restaurant; for a full meal, passengers can take advantage of the self-service restaurant. For an alcoholic beverage, options include the bar lounge as well as a bar situated inside the swimming pool area.

During the peak season, the Superfast XII also plies the additional route to Greece. This vessel accommodates approximately the same number of passengers, with slightly less space for cars, at a capacity of 661 vehicles. The extra space is devoted to greater amenities, with the addition of internet facilities, a games room and satellite television.

Minoan Lines

Minoan Lines has been operating ferry services centered on Greek destinations for more than 30 years. From Ancona, ferries proceed to the Greek ports of Igoumenitsa and Patras.

This combined route involves an initial stop in Igoumenitsa (15 hours), with an onward journey to Patras (21 hours in total). Services are very regular, with six or seven ferries departing weekly all year.

Ships include the Ariadne Palace, which only operates during the low season. This ship was built in 2001 and it accommodates 1,000 passengers and 580 cars.

The Europa Palace and the Olympia Palace share the route during the high season. These ships were both built in 2000 and can accommodate more than 2,100 passengers and 600 cars.

All ships facilities include swimming pools, children's play areas, a disco, casino and shopping. Several lounges and bars offer alcoholic beverages. A bite to eat is available at the self-service and a la carte restaurants. Internet and televisions as well as satellite telephones and fax machines are available. The Europa Palace and the Olympia Palace are equipped with an advanced conference centre.

Most vessels are equipped to accommodate disabled passengers, with modified cabins and elevators.

Anek Lines

Anek Lines has operated services to Italy and Greece for 36 years. Sailing in compliance with all regulations of the European community, Anek Lines is a comfortable means of crossing the Aegean and Adriatic seas.

Ferries cross to Patras year-round, departing Ancona in the evening and making the 21-hour journey overnight. This route also includes a stop in Igoumenitsa (15 hours); however, this stop is sometimes left out during the low season.

The fleet includes the Olympic Champion, a premier ship in its category, with state-of-the-art automated systems and premium comfort. The ship was built in 2000 and accommodates 1,850 passengers and 1,100 vehicles.

The Hellenic Spirit is a twin ship to the Olympic Champion, built a year later, but with identical features and facilities.

Both ships have a children's playground, a church, duty-free shops and a sick-bay. The restaurant is self-service and there are bars and cafés for snacks and beverages. Television, video games and a disco are just some of the ship's entertainment venues.

Both ships accommodate disabled passengers, with modified cabins, lifts and escalators to keep the ship accessible to everyone.

SNAV Ferries

SNAV, one of Southern Europe's largest ferry companies, ferries' cross the Adriatic, Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean seas. Founded by Rodriguez, an Italian hydrofoil builder, SNAV is now part of the Mediterranean Shipping Company.

A daily route is run to Split, with a travel time of 4 hours, 30 minutes. The ship servicing this route is the Croazia Jet. The vessel accommodates 800 passengers and 200 cars; and top speed is 37 knots. Facilities include an information office, duty-free shopping, television, video games, slot machines and a bar.

Ancona Port

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